I will be remembered 2 of 2
" There’s got to be more to life than this " That’s what he thought as he took the first step toward the mountain. He started to remember the past: the children mocking him or his father screaming.

The past… No friends, no girls, no one but himself and his dreams of glory. He truly believed now that big dreams frighten people. And he must have scarred the other kids quite a lot for them to beat him so much for so long so many times. It has worked though. He had given up as his life testified now. Farming for the lords and the king, married to a complete stranger who despised him, living the life of a simple peasant. But yesterday, a rumor started to spread, the rumor of a great beast in the mountains.

And once again, he started to dream of glory. Finally he would be able to show them all! He would come back with the beast’s head and they would all celebrate his greatness. They would all tell him how sorry they are that they ever doubted him. And he would be merciful and forgiving with most of them. He would exile a few for example, and he would execute his bullies of course, revenge would be sweet. He would finally be able to marry the girl of his dream. He would just have to arrange an accident for her husband. And all would be well in his lands. That is, of course, just long enough for him to build an army and conquer. Lost in his thoughts, he realized all of a sudden that he had arrived. He was in a gigantic cave, deep in the mountains. A cave lit by an unnatural red light.

He clumsily readied his sword.

It never occurred to him that he had never won a fight in his life.