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Credit Report

Credit Report

The report that allows you to know all the trading, business and credit risk information on a company with which to establish commercial relations

Credit Report

The Credit Report provides you the company's business information you need to establish commercial relations with it, or to get to know better those companies that are already clients, suppliers or competitors. Contains information coming from various public sources, such as BORME, newspapers, official registers and information from filed accounts.

Content of business reports

This INFORMA D&B's Report contains the following information:


All the information you need to evaluate the business risk of a company:

  • Informa's Rating is a business's solvency classification system; it provides a business risk objective qualification and an opinion on the credit limit for that company.
  • The Delinquency Score classifies companies according to the probability of a significant percentage of their payments being delayed.
  • Business Risk Rating: global indicator that combines Informa's Rating information with that of the Delinquency Score.
  • Resilience Index: it measures the capacity of a company to face an unexpected exceptional situation with a significant impact on its productive and/or commercial processes.
  • Judicial and Insolvency Proceedings Information: get to know all the insolvency proceedings and special procedures, legal actions and administrative claims published in the different official gazettes.
  • Restructuring Plan: allows the conditions or structure of the company's assets, liabilities and/or equity to be modified so that the company can avoid insolvency or emerge from it.
  • Defaults of Payment Files: all non-payments registered in the main default of payment files of Spain: RAI,ASNEF Empresas,Experian Bureau Empresarial (EBE Defaults of Payment),ICIRED and RIJ.
  • Customer's Payment Behaviour: you could consult the Paydex ® Score; a synthetic index that scores the company's payment behaviour over the past 12 months from 0 to 100. This index is elaborated from the information coming from INFORMA's Dun-Trade exclusive service that allows you to know the customer's payment behaviour. Additional Information on the D&B Global Trade Program ® .


The main financial elements with indicators and economic magnitudes of the company in the last 5 years, with which you could know the economic evolution of the company.

To know Financial Information in full detail, you can consult our Financial Reports.


The information about administrators and principals of the company with their appointment and cessation dates (if any) as well as the financial links of the company: shareholders and participations of the company.


Get to know all the business information of the company

  • Constitution and activity
  • Public tenders
  • Employees
  • Commercial operations of customers and suppliers
  • Grants
  • Names and Brands
  • Online Presence

We mainly extract these data from the annual financial report published by the company in the Mercantile Register apart from the business information obtained through surveys and investigations.


Official information on the company published in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Register (BORME), Official State Gazette, Provincials Gazettes and Press Releases.

Content of business reports

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