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Defaults of payment files

Defaults of payment files

Find out if a company is listed in any of the defaults of payment files, improve the best credit decisions and the recovery of unpaid debts.

Defaults of payment files

At INFORMA we do have 4 defaults of payments files that you can consult before taking any credit decision on behalf of your company:


The Disputed bills register (RAI) is one of the main late payments consultation files of businesses in Spain. It contains non-payments information on legal persons, for a n amount equal to or superior to 300 euros, in documents that are used in the banking system.

Further information about RAI

ASNEF Empresas:

The EQUIFAX ASNEF Empresas Business and Financial Defaults of payment is a file containing companies' non-compliances with monetary obligations with information provided by the creditors.

Further Information on ASNEF Empresas


The EBE file (Experian bureau empresarial, bank and multi - sectorial defaults of payment File) is a file containing information on unpaid credit operations provided by the insurance, banking and telecommunications sectors.

Further information about EBE


Is a Credit Information System that processes data on payment incidences (0-90 days old based on reciprocity) and their evolution (> 90 days open) of legal entities and sole proprietorships provided by ICIRED's clients.

Further information about ICIRED


 This is a negative solvency file where lawyers, legal representatives and labour advisers can include and consult debts that are in court or in the pre-judicial phase and that have been claimed on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients.

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Defaults of payment files

Payment Files

INFORMA manages a real payment experiences service exclusive for its customers:

  1. Payment Analysis: This unique and exclusive INFORMA's service provides you with information on the payment behaviour of your debtors. It is based on the exchange of payment behaviour information of customers of the participating companies. We do have more than 8 million positive and negative payment experiences on Spanish Companies
  2. D&B Global Trade Program®: unique and exclusive service based on the exchange of positive and negative payment behaviour information of customers of the worldwide participating companies.
Payment Files

Do you want to know if your customers are included in any defaulters' file?