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D&B Finance Analytics

D&B Finance Analytics

The new intelligent platform designed for global credit risk management.

D&B Finance Analytics is an AI-powered Credit Intelligence tool that will provide you access to the best international information to combine with your own data to optimise credit risk management, regardless of where your customers are.

It is a state-of-the-art platform designed to transform the management of financial operations, reducing management time and costs, thanks to task automation and new data management.

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International financial information to analyse your credit risk operations

Built over a database of more than 550M companies worldwide, D&B Finance Analytics is an indispensable tool for personalised risk assessment. Easy to use, intelligent and simplified, D&B Finance Analytics makes accessing international financial information more accessible and more efficient than ever.

  • Reports on more than 550 million companies.
  • Globally consistent risk and financial information.
  • Country Risk Reports.
  • Global corporate linkages.
International financial information to analyse your credit risk operations

Make more confident credit decisions with D&B Finance Analytics

With D&B Finance Analytics Credit Intelligence, you can access global corporate data and best-in-class predictive analytics to make more intelligent and informed decisions. Combine your receivables data and customise your credit assessments to stay ahead of risks:

  • Comprende los riesgos potenciales y las oportunidades en tu cartera.
  • Understand potential risks and opportunities in your portfolio.
  • Perform international comprehensive risk management.
  • Analyse your portfolio with real-time indicators.
  • Set up alerts to receive notifications of changes in companies in over 220 markets.
  • Combine your own data with D&B data to prioritise your collections.
Make more confident credit decisions with D&B Finance Analytics

Your global portfolio under control

The tool integrates a global view of your portfolio for real-time tracking of key indicators to help you understand risk and identify growth opportunities across your portfolio. More detailed information just a click away with the most comprehensive international reports.

Global coverage, together with Dun & Bradstreet's proprietary scores and powered by artificial intelligence tools, provides the best information to keep your international portfolio under control:

    1. Access to risk indicators such as Business Risk, Maximum Credit Recommendation, and others such as Failure Score, Delinquency Score, PAYDEX® and D&B® Rating.
    2. Payment Behaviour information will help you predict the likelihood of a company paying its invoices on time.
    3. Shareholders and participations: Access one of the largest repositories of business linkages.
    4. Legal events: Identify data on companies under a bankruptcy or insolvency situation.
    5. Financial information: Includes financial data of the last 5 years, where available, essential for determining credit limits.
Your global portfolio under control

Trust in D&B Finance Analytics for international credit risk management

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